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The Cry of My Soul, 2013 was my first collection of mystical poetry and includes a poem written by my sister before her death. My poems express my passionate love for Christ and the pain of the Dark Night of the Soul as well as the intensity of loss.

Containing the Dream, 2017 is my second collection of mystical poems with pictures. It explores the feminine spirit raising and has poems to Mary, Virgin most wild as well as other that reflect on themes of suffering, sacrifice and the desire to unite with the crucified saviour

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Occasional Poems, 2019 is a collection of poems for different occasions and people from mother to birthday rememberances.

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Poetic Reflections of the Prayer of St Francis, 2021, is a collection of poems based on phrases from the peace prayer of St Francis

The Empathy of Heaven, 2021 is a collection of religious and other poems.

The Mysticism of William Sharp (1855-1905) and the Celtic Renascence:
Spanish Carmelite and Symbolist Influences

      Master of Theology   


By Rosemary T McAuley

    avaliable on google

The Mystic's Prayer

       by William Sharp

Lay me to sleep in sheltering fame,

O Master of the Hidden Fire!

Wash pure my heart, and cleanse for me

My soul's desire.

In flame of sunrise bathe my mind,

O master of the Hidden Fire,

That, When I wake, clear-eyed may be

My souls' desire.

The Magic is True , 2015 is a children's story  dealing with death and the afterlife which I wrote and illustrated. Using illusions to the caterpillars transformation into the butterfly It follows the illness and death of a young girl as a transition not to be feared but a magical journey into the eternal life.

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Latest Book of Poetry 2024
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A Dreamer's Consolation

 Poems and Thoughts

Dr Rosemary T. McAuley

Publication: April 2024

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