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An Easter Triduum of Poems

            My Crucifixion

 Their nails drive into my essence

And pierce my failing heart

That they should crucify me so-

They whom I stretched to transform

Drinking the gall he wills

my mind, body, soul

Endures the indignation of 

Rejection and abuse-No blow reserved

My blood expiated

For their inheritance.

And in this isloted hour

A crack of thunder

heralds the coming victory-Aloud!

Proclaiming my intimate union with all,

A vindicated path as

"Truly the Son of God"

And capturing my expiring gift

In the waiting hands of eternity.

              Emerging Easter

Through the dark tunnel of pain

I stagger-

Blinded by the sunlight ahead,

Pushing me forwrd,

Sustaining my faltering steps

With the energy of expected spring joy,

Into brightness, bleaching my wounds

With the warm, cleansing rays of resurrection

Immersing the seed of hope in my gut with

Blooming esctasy

As emerging Easter holds me still.

Easter Love

Into the lifting light of morning

Comes my Lord

Bathed in the morning dew,

With a triumphant smile of gladness

He radiates renewed joy

As he captures my entranced gaze.

Life to life

Heartbeat touching His

I embrace Him whom i adore

And I abandon myself in His 


As loves grief arrows melt

Into soothing balm.

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